Jörg Hüttner was born in Ulm, Germany. His interest in electronic music started at the very early age of 9 years, listening to artists like Kajagoogoo, Jean-Michel Jarre and Depeche Mode, and at the same age he started classical piano lessons. He bought his first synthesizer at the age of 15 and has made music ever since.

Shortly after finishing school in 1993, he started to work in the music business as a keyboarder, engineer, sound designer and producer. In addition to creating music, he also works with worldwide well-established synthesizer and software companies in sound design and product support. Besides his piano lessons at early age he also continued to expand his music knowledge by taking private lessons in music theory and harmony with a classical violinist and music teacher.

His musical journey has taken him through dark industrial sounds, calm ambient/downbeat grooves, and hiphop tunes to rock/metal productions and classical scores for Film & TV. There is almost no musical border for him and his small but modern studio.

In March 2007 Jörg moved to Santa Monica, California, to pursue his career in the biggest city for entertainment and music worldwide: Los Angeles.

Besides his work for Hollywood film composers such as Hans Zimmer, Atli Örvarsson, Danny Elfman, Martin Tillmann and others, he also continues to work for “regular” music productions with producers and professionals like Uwe Baltrusch (“Wise Guys”, “Mekong Delta”, “Ape Einstein”), Sean Beavan (“Kill Hannah”, “Marylin Manson”, “Nine Inch Nails”, “8mm”) and Matt Salazar (LA Sound Gallery, “Running The Risk”) amongst others.